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Baseball is a slow game. That's a fact, not a dig. Anyone who loves baseball knows that the speed doesn't make the game boring at all, but rather allows for a calm and even enjoyment that ramps up into absolute frenzy if the game is close in the 9th, or some spectacular plays happen - which they do all the time!

Because the game is slower, however, anyone not int he stadium - say those listening on the radio, for example - would be hard pressed to maintain their excitement without fantastic, lively colour commentary on the part of broadcasters. To any real ball fan, the guys with the mics might as well be part of the team, we know them so well. I've always firmly believed that the Red Sox had the best shot-callers in Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo, primarily because of the infamous pizza incident, which they dug deep into with absolutely adorable mirth and joy, as well as some more adult oriented happenings that I'll not detail here. Those guys have me in stitches while they do their job, and I think that's just as important to their effectiveness as knowing the game inside and out.

That being said, I cannot claim to have ever heard a call as amazing as the one above. Ever. It is without a doubt the most amazing reaction to a home run of all time. The rising volume in his voice as the ball soars through the air. The explosion of joy as we see it leave the park, followed by the greatest declaration of victory of all time. The batter might have banged a homer, but the commentator won this game, hands down!


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