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Tom Brady is the best quarterback of all time. Deflate Gate critics be damned - there is no quarterback who has accomplished what he has on the field. But it's not just football he dominates. Put a video game remote in his hand, and the man attacks his opponents with the same compete level as when he's holding the pigskin. 

When Conan O'Brien revived his annual Super Bowl ritual (Clueless Gamer: Super Bowl Edition) this week, Tom Brady was the first man there ready to do battle with the late night talk show host.

During a head-to-head battle of the game For Honor, Brady was handed a first-round loss to Conan but refused to back down. He delivered a series of crushing blows to his opponent by backing him into a corner - revealing a side of Brady we're all familiar with: the fierce competitor who takes winning very seriously. Brady handily won the best-of-three battle with Conan but it was time for a more equal adversary: Super Bowl opponent and equally competitive gamer, Dwight Freeney, of the Atlanta Falcons.

After a hilarious pre-game encounter that had Freeney reluctantly apologize for sacking Tom Brady four times, the two faced-off in another round of For Honor. Check out the full video above to see who won.

Spoiler Alert: if the outcome of this game is anything like the Super Bowl, Tom Brady will undoubtedly live up to the title of GOAT.


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