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Anyone - ANYONE - who interacts with sports in any way knows what butterflies in your stomach feels like. That intense, edge-of-your-seat, heart-beating-out-of-your-chest, down by one, 10 seconds left, Hail Mary feeling, when something - or someone - has to come up big and make that highlight reel play!

It doesn't matter if it's a high school football game, a little league soccer game or a Major League Baseball game. It doesn't matter if it's the championship or a game against a bitter rival. It doesn't matter if you're the player, the coach or the fan in the stands or cheering at home. We all know that feeling, and it is the thing that unites us. The thing that brings us together and moves mountains and makes magic happen. Those little butterflies change the course of history, and we all get to experience them, no matter where we're standing. That is the beauty of sports, and this brief, 10-second video exemplifies that perfectly.

It's his first ever MLB game for the Pittsburgh Pirates and second baseman Gift Ngoepe is having a quick word with Pirates catcher Francisco Cervelli and baseman and outfielder Josh Harrison. Although we can't hear what's being said, we can certainly tell what the topic of discussion is.


Ngoepe shakes it off, like any young player likely would, but one hand to his chest to feel the frantic, racing heart inside is enough to tell the Pirates vets exactly what they need to know. Their reaction is priceless. They know that feeling exactly, it's precisely what they expected.

The funny thing is, I know that feeling too, and I've never stepped foot inside an MLB stadium without a cold hotdog and a flat beer in my hand. That's the beauty of it. I know that feeling as well as you do, as well as Ngoepe does, as well as Cervelli and Harrison do. We all do, and that's why we're drawn, again and again, to our favorite teams, players and games.

Because that feeling is life.


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