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It was almost 8 years ago that Joshua Sacco (then 4-years old) became an internet sensation by posting this video:

In it, he reenacts the now famous speech given on film by Kurt Russell in the movie Miracle On Ice. The movie tells the story of the historic victory of the US Men's Hockey team at the 1980 Winter Olympics, and the coach who helped get them to the gold medal game, Herb Brooks. It was Brooks' pre-game speech that inspired the speech in the movie.

Once this video was posted, it caught the eye of a lot of people - including Ellen Degeneres, who invited young Joshua to be on her show. But his appearances didn't stop there. He was also invited onto the field ahead of a Red Sox game to give the speech on opening night.

We're not sure what Joshua is up to now, but we hope he's still out there bringing motivation and inspiration to sports fans everywhere.


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