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Athletes spend nearly all of their time developing the skills that they need to compete at the professional level. Between games and in the off season, practice is the most important part of their training regimen, whether it be strength training, conditioning, muscle control or hand-eye coordination. Practice makes perfect, as they say, and nobody knows that better than, say, and NHL hockey player, MLB heavy hitter of NBA All-Star. By honing these skills at all times they maximize their opportunities on the court, ice or field, allowing them to conquer the competition.

A skill that is sometimes overlooked is the cerebral understanding of the game. Strategy, technique, situational awareness are all enormously important and, oftentimes, are even more so than physical and technical skills. The pen is mightier than the sword, as they say, and often the knowledge of HOW to proceed is just as if not more important then the ability TO proceed!

However, there are times - rare, wonderfully enjoyable times - when these skills go completely out the window due to a set of circumstances completely out of anyones control.

Sometimes, whether intentional or not, our favourite athletes wind up using their heads for much more than strategy and those times are AMAZING!

Need proof? Here ya go!

1) So...who gets the point, here?

The celebration at the end is adorable!

2) And again, still not sure who gets credit for this! Is it a header?

Does it change if it's the back of the head?

3) Is there anything Jose Conseco CAN'T do!?

When you're one of the best, you don't mind helping out others. Even if they are on the other team!


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