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Arnold Schwarzenegger - known to most as the Terminator - took to Facebook this past weekend to decry a comment left on a video of himself with a number of Special Olympics competitors. The comment, which suggested that the Special Olympics "make no sense" - that they in some way dilute the prestige and meaning of the Olympics themselves - used derogatory language to describe the athletes. Schwarzenegger, who posted the video to illustrate the inspiration he takes from Special Olympians and their dedication, perseverance and positivity, didn't take too long to reply, branding the commentary as horrible and the poster themselves as "evil and stupid."

Here's the full post, for anyone who missed it!

Schwarzenegger, who has a long history of advocacy work and involvement with the Special Olympics - having twice taken part in the lighting of the Flame of Hope (2000 and 2001) and the Law Enforcement Torch Run that follows - not only tore into the offending party, but posed a worthwhile challenge to all of us.

In everything in life, we can rise to the occasion or stoop to the level of this individual. Granted, most of us don't stoop so far as to sling derogatory language around on the internet, but we can probably all list several occasions where we didn't exactly choose the high road in the face of a challenge. As Arnold so eloquently puts it, that is the real essence of the Special Olympics - overcoming challenges to follow our dreams and pursue our goals.

This world could use a few more Arnolds, and as such we should all strive a little more to embody the ideals he champions!


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