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Victoria Boals was 14 when she was diagnosed with cancer. Her doctor found a golf ball-sized tumour on her brain stem and she was given a zero-percent chance of survival. She had six months to live. 

But while her family struggled to make sense of the news and started preparing for life without her, Victoria had other plans. She wasn't going to let cancer take her life - she had plenty more life to live.

Now 17, Victoria's battle still isn't over. But she lives every day with a relentless attitude and an abundance of positivity - something her mother says has taken over and, in a way, controlled the disease. Aside from a positive attitude, medical care and support from the community, another thing that helps keep Victoria strong is her love of hockey and the Columbus Blue Jackets. 

The team gives back to the community through the Cannonball - an annual event that enables them to raise funds that support the wellness of kids in the Columbus community. This year, Victoria was invited to be part of the event, which included an appearance on the ice and the chance to meet some of her favourite players. 

Her love of the team and the love they've shown her in return has helped her realize just how precious life can be. 

"It's just kept me so positive cause I could be so much worse. But every minute of my life is so amazing and cancer can't take that from me."


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