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Dear Drake,

Thank you for God's Plan. What you inspired is game-changing.

People everywhere - from all walks of life - took up the cause to do a little good in the world in the wake of the video's release, showing their support for their loved ones, their communities, and their world. To say that the work being done in the name of God's Plan and in the name of humanity is heartwarming would be a massive understatement.

One night a while ago, I sat down on the couch with a glass of wine, put my feet up and flipped the TV over to the news to unwind a bit before retiring for the night. I'd just put my little girl to bed and wanted to lose myself for a few minutes and clock out. That proved impossible, however, as one after another, bad news stories played out across the screen. Things seemed so...bleak.

It was like bad news was the only thing that anyone had to talk about. That anyone wanted to talk about. My thoughts turned to the little girl sleeping in the next room, wholly unaware of the world that she lives in. How hard it can be. I asked myself, as she grew up and went out into that world, was this going to be the norm for her, too?

That idea didn't sit well with me, and it didn't mesh with my own experience in this beautiful life. There are great human beings out there doing good things for others. What we needed was to flip the script and make that the news and share those stories of love and kindness to bring people together.

It was amazing to see the effect that your video had on so many people. The movement spread, and it brought joy to all the people helped and all the people helping. From those in Miami, who became the heart of your video, to all the other countless people across the world who were showered with love, support, and hope, inspired by your actions.

This is a humble thank you from our team for your inspiration and for using your platform to give a little kindness.

For every milestone we achieve, there are long hours, setbacks, disappointments and fears, but through all of that the rewards of this work - seeing people come together, support each other through tough times and spread a little joy to the world - make it worthwhile. Throughout all of these trials, we've drawn inspiration from people like you. The people out there who have the position and platform to change the world. People whose compassion isn't deterred by any social or political divide, racial background, home country, religion, creed or sexuality.

So for that, we thank you.


The Boon-Town Team


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