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If there's one thing more enjoyable than going to watch your favourite team live in action, it's going to watch your favourite team live in action packing a sardonic, sarcastic or insulting sign directed at the opposition. Or the refs. Or the other fans. Or Hunter Pence, it would seem, regardless of the venue. That last one is a little surprising, but it's awesome so who cares. Hunter Pence probable does...sorry, Hunter!

1) As a Boston fan, this hurts me...

2) That's a pretty bold allegation, Tom! Rebuttal?

3) Taken right before he started chopping people's hands off!

4) That burn has to alpaca punch, amirite?

5) We share clothes, too! He wore the shirt today, I wore the pants.

6) New York Marathon fans: timeless and classy!

7) Passive Aggressive's cousin, Specifically Aggressive!

8) If you don't marry her, I will.

9) The written equivalent of when everyone else is yelling about something and you just want to be a part of the fun!

10) English women are stunning!

11a) That's one basic order, Hunter!

11b) Hunter...what did you do to these people?

11c) Hunter Pence is truly the Drake of Major League Baseball!


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