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PK Subban was shocked. The city of Montreal and their die hard Habs fans were devastated. One of the faces of their franchise was traded to Nashville over the off season and, although they received a great player in Shea Weber, it is easy to see why the fans and their star player had a rough time with this break up. With his larger-than-life personality, connection to the fans and spectacular on-ice feats, he solidified his time in Montreal with 278 points in seven seasons with the Canadiens.

"I wanted my friends at @hopitalChildren to know that I will never stop fundraising for them"

He has the ability to be a game changer at any moment, here's an unforgettable goal from the playoffs...

or a big hit to fire up the crowd...

But it's his off-ice contribution to the city and the fans that may be missed most. Among the countless donations, appearances, and memorabilia he gave was also the largest philanthropic commitment by a sports figure in Canadian history. His $10-million gift to the Children's Hospital marked his place as a cherished resident of Montreal.

And, despite the fact the color of his jersey changed, his love for the city hasn't wavered. PK re-affirmed his commitment to the hospital and his drive to help those in need with this amazing video...

A touching send-off from an outstanding and caring individual. Good luck in Nashville, PK. They've just inherited a true class act.


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