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New Orleans Saints superfan Jarrius Robertson received his long awaited second liver transplant on Sunday, May 30th. Jarrius' first transplant, when he was only one year old, was one of a grand total of 14 he has now undergone in order to help manage his biliary atresia, a liver disease that affects his physical growth.

Jarrius' father, Jordy Robertson, tweeted from his sons account that the surgery went very well, and that the next few days of recovery would be critical for Jarrius.

Jarrius first rose to prominence last year when the Saints made him their social media reporter during an away game against the Kansas City Chiefs and since then he has taken part in a number of high profile events, being adopted as the teams official hype man. Earlier this year he presented an award at the NFL Honour Awards show with Harry Connick, Jr. and Saints head coach Sean Payton. New Orleans owners Tom and Gayle Benson called Jarrius and his family on Saturday, prior to the surgery, while Payton and his players took to twitter in support of their biggest fan.

Jarrius' story is a beautiful example of the magic that can happen when sports brings people together. What has clearly been a life-changing opportunity for he and his family has also been one for the New Orleans Saints team, players and larger community as well. Uniting people is one of the miracles of sports, and the support, love and joy that extends both ways in this friendship between team and fan is wonderfully indicative of that. We'll learn more as Jarrius continues to recover, and easy money says we'll all be seeing him this coming fall!


Jarrius Robertson is one of the most die hard New Orleans Saints fans that exists. The 14-year old often attends games and even practices where he interacts with all the pros. He teases them, challenges them, and even offers blunt criticism on their play and ways they can improve. You can see in the video posted by Good Morning America that the team loves having him around...

Jarrius has dealt with biliary atresia, a chronic liver disease that affects his physical growth. He has been in and out of hospitals since his first liver transplant when he was just a one year old. He is currently awaiting his second liver transplant. In total, this young man has had 13 surgeries and was in a coma at one point for an entire year. Despite all that, he maintains such a positive attitude that is infectious to all those in his presence. When it comes to the Saints, it puts a smile on his face, and since he's become well known to the team, the feelings are mutual. 

Saints coach Sean Payton, quaterback Drew Brees and defensive end Cameron Jordan surprised the young Robertson on Good Morning America with a contract offer to be an honorary member of the team...   

Jarrius and his father will fly with the Saints to Kansas City this Sunday for their game against the Chiefs. He will take over as the Saints social media reporter for the game. We have no doubt that Jarrius Robertson will be a strong and solid new acquisition for the Saints franchise. Keep an eye out for him this weekend!


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