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Pretend for a minute you're a professional snowboarder. Now imagine your dream home. Where is it? What does it look like? What does it allow you to do that your current home doesn't? Now watch this video and tell us that what you envisioned doesn't at least resemble, in some small way, what you pictured in your mind...

Danny Davis is one of the top freestyle snowboarders in the game. We're not sure if this is his actual residence in Truckee, California, but it doesn't really matter. If you're a snowboarder, this is like a childhood dream. Dropping in from the roof, this house provides access to some untouched terrain that most snowboarders would kill for. It gives a whole new meaning to the term ride in, ride out.

One thing's for sure, if this is his house and he gets to live here every day, he's one lucky SOB and we'd love to get an invite.


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