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The much anticipated NHL All-Star weekend kicks off tonight with fan service events at Los Angeles' Staple Centre, home of the LA Kings. Being an important weekend in sports and taking place in the most glamorous city in all the land, we can surely expect this to be a banner weekend for fans and players alike.

We may often view celebrities as a kind of alien race, divorced of any real ties to the average person due in part to their status, wealth and influence in society. Despite this, at their core celebrities remain very much human. They live, love and laugh with the best 40-something interior decorators and they rise and fall with their teams just like the rest of us! Today we're bringing you a list of the biggest celebrity hockey fanatics in all of Tinseltown: the ones who aren't afraid to lace up the skates themselves.

Steve Carell

Television mirrors life in The Office

Steve Carell is one of Hollywood's leading funny-men. Movies like The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Anchor Man and the television smash The Office propelled Carrell to enormous fame as a comedic actor. When he's not making everyone laugh on screen, however, Carell is an avid hockey player and has been since childhood, citing the Bruins run in the early 70's as what inspired him to start playing.

Carell minded the net for Denison University in Ohio and still plays recreationally in Orange County, California.

Cuba Gooding Jr.

Cuba Gooding Jr. has enjoyed wonderful career in Hollywood and worked his way into everyday vernacular, demanding that Tom Cruise show him the money! Beyond his acting skills, he is an avid hockey player and fan, so much so that he maintains his own rink in his backyard.

Jay Burachel

Baruchel with Goon costars Liev Schreiber and Seann William Scott

Though he openly admits to being a little less than graceful on skates, actor and director Jay Baruchel is about as unapologetic and outspoken about his lifelong love of the Montreal Canadiens as any hockey follower has come to expect from a Habs fan. Baruchel, who grew up watching hockey with his father, loves hockey so much that he wrote and starred in the movie Goon, about a minor-league hockey enforcer and is in the works directing the sequel as we speak. He's gone on record saying that while he has attended Kings' games at the Staples Centre, it's got nothing on Montreal's Bell Centre, his teams' home ice.

Tim Robbins

Robbins at the 2002 NHL All-Star Celebrity game at the Staples Centre

Tim Robbins is famous for playing Andy Dufresne in the movie The Shawshank Redemption. While this role and others like it, serious and moving, are what Robbins's is most closely associated with, he has on multiple occasions cut loose and participated in charity hockey games. He says he most enjoys it because it allows him to get out rid of some of his anger and frustration by crushing people into the boards! Now that I think about it that is a little serious!


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