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What do Dan Marino, Seema Sadekar, Cito Gaston, Doug Gilmour, Dion Phaneuf, Nazem Kadri, Victor Green and Carleton the Bear have in common? Well aside from fame and following, they're all hitting the greens today at Eagles Nest Golf Club to participate in the 8th annual Joe Carter Classic, a golf tournament that pairs celebrity participants with golf fanatics to support the Children's Aid Foundation, tear up the fairways and have some fun!

2017 marks the tournaments eighth year and, in that time, Carter and his celebrity guests have raised and pledged over $2.5 million to Children's Aid and other charities that help assist, protect and stabilize at risk youth throughout Canada. The tournament is also just a wholesome good time for everyone involved and attracts some of the biggest names in sports, broadcast and entertainment - including my personal dance hero and Fresh Prince alum, Alfonso Ribeiro (or as he's known in Toronto, the OTHER Carlton).

Ribeiro (left), hits the links with Anthony Anderson (2014)

While the whole point of the tournament is to have a good time and connect fans with some phenomenal celebrity talent, the bigger drive behind the event itself is to do good for kids who might otherwise not be able to achieve their full potential in life, and the more people that come together to make that happen, the better!

That's where you come in, because the fun isn't over yet and anyone can still get in on the action tonight in downtown Toronto.

The tournament after party is kicking off at the Toronto Ritz-Carlton (not the bear, or the dance!) and tickets are still available for anyone who wants to get in on an amazing night of performance, glamour and celebrity - all to support an awesome cause!

The musical lineup is stacked, the guest roster is full of sports legends and celebrity personalities and - most importantly - there's still room for more. What other chance will there be to see firsthand which of your sports heroes can out-dance Carlton the Bear? Don't miss the opportunity! For ticket information contact info@bassettevents.ca and come out and help Joe and his friends support a terrific cause!


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