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The city of Los Angeles celebrated Kobe Bryant Day on August 24th (8/24). The special day was chosen to commemorate the two numbers Kobe wore during his career with the Lakers (8 and 24).

The city is not just going to honour his legendary 20-year playing career, they're also going to honour him for the philanthropic work he's done over the two decades he has lived in Los Angeles. 

Here's what L.A. City Councilman José Huizar said about the special day in a statement on Monday:

"Among his astonishing list of accomplishments, Kobe Bryant's 20-year career with the Los Angeles Lakers ranks him No. 1 all-time for NBA players who played for a single franchise, and 'Kobe Bryant Day' is the City of Los Angeles' way of thanking him for his single-minded dedication to excellence, the fans and the entire City and region of Los Angeles. For 20 years, we were all the beneficiaries of Kobe's incredible talent and legendary work ethic, and on 8-24 we'll gather to say, 'Thank you, Mamba.”


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