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The National Hockey League has become a young man's game. Speed, skill, strength and conditioning are all characteristics brought forth by the current youth movement in the NHL. It's common this season to find a increase of teenagers dressing for their respective teams. 

And when it comes to the Winnipeg Jets, there's no need to look any further than Patrik Laine. But who is the real Patrik Laine? What does he do when he's not playing hockey? And why is his first name missing a "C"? We answer these and many more questions in this week's 5 Reasons to Follow: Patrik Laine.

1. He's a patriotic Finn

Despite the fact that his last name is spelled the same way we pronounce "Lane" in English, it's actually pronounced "Line-A" in his native tongue of Finnish. That also explains why "Patrik" is missing the standard C that we're familiar with. All that Finnish trivia notwithstanding, his Instagram account is the perfect place to follow Patrik show his national pride.

2. He's a team player

Laine didn't take long to get to know his fellow Jets. Here he's snapping selfies with teammate Mark Scheifele while, according to the caption, learning how to play golf. If he's anything like Auston Matthews, he'll be picking up the game in no time. 

3. He makes time for fans

Our apologies if you missed your chance to meet him person. But given his recent success, we're sure there will be another opportunity soon.

4. He's a (friends and) family man

When he's not with his girlfriend and family members visiting NYC, he's somewhere in the world thanking his dad for some sound advice. After playing goalie until the age of 12 (yes, you read that right!), Laine made the switch after some encouragement from his dad. We're sure he's grateful for the advice as it's paid off rather well for him.

5. He knows how to make the most of the offseason

When he's not golfing with fellow NHLers, it looks like Laine can be found being pulled behind a boat on a tube. We're pretty sure the front office at the Winnipeg Jets weren't too thrilled to see this video, but hey - he's 18! He's allowed to have some fun.


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