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By now, Auston Matthews is as close to a household name as you can get. He stunned the hockey world by scoring 4 goals in his first-ever NHL game and there’s no question he’s about to become a dominant force for the Toronto Maple Leafs and the league. But given his rookie status, there’s a lot you might not know about him. And because we’re all about spreading the good word and making sure you feel more connected to the players you love, we went through his Instagram feed and pulled some highlights that should help you get to know him better.

1. He’s a dog person

Not only does Matthews earn bonus points because he’s partial to man’s best friend (sorry, cat lovers), he uses Instagram to affirm he’s a proud owner who celebrates #NationalDogDay. That’s the kind of guy whose posts we want in our feed!

2. He’s as good with a golf ball as he is with a puck

Um…ya. This is pretty outstanding. The only other person we’ve seen do this better is Tiger Woods. With hands like this, it’s safe to say we can expect a few more multi-goal games this season. Wow!

3. He’s tight with his mom

If you happened to see his debut game, you may have noticed the broadcast kept showing his mom and dad in the stands, reacting with pure joy to the success he was having in his first NHL game. Watching his mom cry after his third goal made us well up a bit, too. It’s clear they have a tight relationship – not something you typically see with 19-year olds.

4. He’s got good taste in music

First, Prince. Then Kanye? Listen…even if these guys don’t show up in your personal playlist, it’s clear Matthews has pretty good taste in music and is a regular concert-goer. Give him a follow to see at what show he ends up next!

5. He hangs out with hockey royalty

Given his recent success and probable destiny, we’re sure selfies with Mario is just the beginning. We expect to see more candid shots with other hockey greats in the near future. Not because Auston wants to get a pic with them, but because they’ll be lining up to get their picture with him.


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